Spree extension to allow linking of youtube reference IDs to products

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Spree Videos

Display YouTube video(s) on your product page.

  • Thumbnails from YouTube
  • Clickable thumbnails to easily switch between videos
  • Easily add/remove/edit videos through the spree admin
  • No markup will be added to your products if a video is not attached
  • Polymorphic watchable association on Spree::Video model – enables you to attach videos to any model in your app
  • Versions available for Spree 0.7 & 1.x


There is no deface override included by default to include the videos in your product page. To add videos to your product page:

# products/show.html.erb
<%= render 'video', :product => @product %>

If you are using Twitter Bootstrap, you can easily add title tooltips to your video thumbnails:"

# javascripts/store/your.coffeescript
$('#video-thumbnails > a').tooltip()


bundle exec rails g spree_videos:install

# auto run via the install generator, but in case you didn't run it
bundle exec rake db:migrate


JS + HTML YouTube Parameters

You can specify configuration options that get passed through to the JS dynamic youtube video switcher & the html5 embed. Take a look at config/initializers/spree_videos.rb for example configuration.

Deface Override

By default spree_videos inserts the videos into #product_properties in products/show. Disable the override to remove this behavior.


You can easily customize the display of the thumbnails / player:

// stylesheets/store/videos.css.less

#product-videos {

    #video-player {
        // player holder

    #video-thumbnails {
        // thumbnail holder

        a {
            // thumbnails 

            display: block;
            float: left;

            &:hover { }

            &:first-child { }

            &:last-child { }


  • Mark Linn, @markalinn
  • Michael Bianco, @iloveitaly
  • Aleksey, @alekseydem

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